10+ Education & Learning Startups in Bangladesh to watch out in 2020

Bangladesh’s startup scene is buzzing with new entries. And often it’s a bit noisy and chaotic. Since I personally always try to watch out for the edtech, learning or education startups, I’ve created a list of 10+ startups in the education sector to watch out for in 2020 and beyond.
In 2019, I created a similar list that can be found. Many of the startups from the previous list make it to this list too. My ‘2019 List’ can be found here.
There are a few new entries to this list — Alokito Shikkhok, Sudhokso and Yoda. I believe these initiatives will see growth in their own niche.
With over 30 million children at the primary level, Bangladesh runs one of the largest primary education program in the world. Tertiary level education is growing, along with the youth group looking for new jobs or skill opportunities.
I wish all of these startups to succeed. It is hard to be successful as a startup in Bangladesh, it is even harder for education startups.
The list is provided in alphabetical order:
10 Minute School: The largest online learning platform for students in Bangladesh ranging contents from Grade 1 to University level including skill development.
Alokito Teachers: An initiative from Alokito Hridoy Foundation to provide online and offline skill development training to the teachers in Bangladesh.
Bohubrihi: Online course and training marketplace.
Esho Shikhi: Recently launched their app and also raised investment. The company is offering interactive multimedia lectures, practice materials and constant guidance from teachers to students across the country.
e-Shikhon: e-Shikhon is the largest online skill development platform in Bangladesh. Unlike Repto, e-Shikhon has a broad range of courses and admission preparation tests for students too. Besides making their courses online, it also offers DVDs for students who don’t have high-speed internet to take online or live courses.
Light of Hope Ltd.: With a mission to unleash empathy, creativity and problem-solving skills in every child through a range of brands, products and services, LoH Ltd. is an ecosystem company focusing on primary level children. Goofi, Kids Time, Teachers Time, Sputnique and eduLAB are some of their reputed brands.
Repto: Repto is an ed-tech company that offers various skill development courses especially focusing on youth and graduates through its online platform.
Shikhbe Sobai: A training and capacity building startup focusing on youth. They offer both online and offline training. Recently they launched Instructory — another online learning marketplace to expand their course offering.
Sudoksho: A new online training marketplace focusing on professional development. Mostly focusing on B2B segments like banking, teacher training etc. An exciting new initiative to look out for in 2020 and beyond.
Yoda: An online tutoring platform that connects students and tutors from the prominent universities in Bangladesh. Yoda separates itself from others by developing a scalable proprietary technology solution. I am excited to see their development in 2020.
Some of the startups here are working for several years and have seen amazing growth. Few of them are fairly new — working for a year or so. How these initiatives will evolve and grow in the coming years, only time will tell.
But as I see the market, there is a new wave coming for edtech, education, learning and skill development focused startups and initiatives in Bangladesh. And some of them will be backed or initiated or funded by large INGOs, Govt., NGOs and donors.
In a scenario where 40% graduates looking for job currently at this moment, and about 70% of the jobs will be extinct in the next 30 years, educating and developing skills of the students and youth will be the key ingredient for the economic and social development of Bangladesh in the next 2–3 decades.


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