We prepare and empower outstanding educators to deliver quality education through our Teacher Development Program.
Our training sessions are interactive and also based in classroom settings.

Alokito Hridoy Foundation

As Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Intelligence plus character- that is the true goal of education,’ therefore, upholding the same belief we aim to create an education system that builds creative and enlightened generations of tomorrow.

Alokito Hridoy School

We have developed innovative education approaches in Alokito Hridoy School, which functions like an education lab and conducted a number of teaching-learning experiments. We then piloted our pedagogical approaches in government and private schools. Our approaches allow teachers to play the role of a 21st century mentor by engaging students to learn the 21st century skills like collaborative problem-solving, creativity, adaptability and social-emotional intelligence.

Alokito Teachers

We have curated workshops with the aim to develop 21st century educators who can design student-centered, joyful, safe and innovative learning environment

Alokito Teachers

Alokito Teachers is a platform where you can learn, grow and earn as a flourishing teacher. Together we can build a creative and enlightened Bangladesh.
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Fun ways to teach

Subject-based games to make learning engaging & joyful

Student Focused Learning


Problem-based Learning